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For International Orders

We do not ship any cuttings and seedlings out of US.

For customers from countries other than US or Canada,

International seed shipping involves high shipping cost, long time and high risk during shipping and complication through custom in your country. We usually encourage you to source the seeds from your local suppliers. But if you insist to order seeds from us. Please be aware:

  1. You will have to pay shipping cost per actual cost applied by shipping company;
  2. You will be responsible to understand your country’s policy and custom regulation on international seeds purchasing and shipping and take the risk during shipping and custom clearance. We guarantee we will ship out the seeds per order once payment is made.  We highly appreciate your support to our business and will totally understand if you choose to purchase seeds from other suppliers. We are still very happy to provide gardening tips and suggestion if you send us email and let us know your questions.

Please email us to info@asiangarden2table.com for assistance or questions regarding international orders.