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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a retailed store? Do you have office in other areas?

A:  Asian Garden 2 Table LLC is a very small company. Currently we are running our business in one of our spare bedroom at home. Regine is the only person dedicating full time to the company’s operation. We do not have a retailed store or other office yet.


Q: Are your seeds are organic certified? Genetically modified? Treated?

A: All our seeds are non genetically modified. They are not organic certified. Few seed items are treated and this information is disclosed under product description.


Q: I want to order seed but I cannot find my country in the list when checking out.

A: International shipping out of US and Canada involves more complexity. Please read page “For international order” for details. Send us email to info@asiangarden2table.com for assistance or questions.


Q: I am a new gardener and have questions. Do I have to be a customer to get suggestion from you?

A: We are very happy to provide gardening tips and suggestion even you are not our customer. You can view our videos, post questions on our website, on our social media or send us email with pictures and questions. We are a very small company and thriving for survival. Your support to our business will help us to continually share our knowledge and experience more and longer and benefit more people allover the world.


Q: What is the best way to contact you? Can I call you on your phone?

A: The best way to reach us is to send email to info@asiangarden2table.com. Your emails will be viewed and answered in one or two business day. Comments on our website, under new posted videos on YouTube or on our social media will also be replied timely. Due to limited time  and busy schedule, Regine cannot answer phone all the time. We sincerely apologize the inconvenience. If there is something important that needs to talk in phone, please leave me a message with detailed information.


Q: Do you have product category book to hand out?

A: Right now we do not have product category book. We are still changing, increasing and optimizing our product categories. All the products available are listed in our online store asiangarden2table.com/shop.

We will consider to hand out product category book when we have a stable product list and enough fund to cover the cost for printing the book.


Q: I love your videos. You make growing vegetables so easy. If I buy seeds from you, will I get the same result as you have shown in your videos?

A: We guarantee the seeds we sell are what we use in our garden and have shown on the pictures and videos. Growing result is affected by many factors from weather, soil condition, personal skills etc. Please be aware we are not responsible for any seed/crop loss due to improper storage , weather/climate conditions, improper planting. Maturity, adaptability and disease tolerance may vary under different conditions. But we are very happy to help if you have any question during growing your vegetables and provide suggestion and trouble-shooting if you encounter problems. Please send us email with detailed information and pictures to info@asiangarden2table.com.


Q: I love vegetables but I cannot grow by myself. Do you sell vegetables?

A: our vegetable garden is very small. It is grown mainly for family consuming. We will share extra produce with neighbors, friends or visitors who are interested to try Asian vegetables. But we do not sell our vegetables for neither local pick-up or shipping.