AG2T Cast Iron Wok for Electric or Induction Cooktop (US only)

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This is our cast iron wok customized for using on Electric/Induction cooktop. It is made from traditional cast iron process, finely polished both inside and outside and pre-seasoned at high temperature. It has a dark grey color from pre-seasoning and great resistance to scratches and rust. This new wok can be simply cleaned and seasoned to get good non-stick result at the fist few uses. It is easy to maintain and handle. Great for home-cooking. Please watch our wok videos to learn more about cast iron wok.



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Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 13 cm

13" Diameter, 14" Diameter

10 reviews for AG2T Cast Iron Wok for Electric or Induction Cooktop (US only)

  1. tojedasr (verified owner)

    Super high quality, cooks great!!
    I could not be happier with this wok! I watched the video about it on Youtube
    ( )
    and thought I’d give it a try, sure glad I did! The quality and fit and finish is far better than I had hoped for.
    Thanks AG2T

  2. Angela

    I love my wok!!! The quality is apparent in every detail. The finish is so fine and smooth- my friends and family could not believe it is cast iron. Properly seasoned, it is the ORIGINAL “non-stick” cookware. It’s very substantial, but not too heavy. Thank you, Regine, for making this available!

  3. Kam Seto (verified owner)

    When I purchased this wok recently, I was not sure if I would be disappointed like with all of my other 6 woks. I was so pleasantly surprised by the high quality. The wok was so beautifully crafted, perfect size and it cooks great. It heats up fast and doesn’t stick. I finally found the wok I’ve been wanting. Thank you, Regine for creating such a wonderful product. You truly understand what kind of wok is needed in the common household.

    • Regine Norman

      So glad to know you like the wok. Thank you so much for your feedback. We work hard to provide good product to our customers!

  4. John Gunther (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a 13 inch wok and it is fantastic. I seasoned it just like the video said and it is completely non-stick. The wok was even better than advertised. I used a lodge wok for years and this wok is superior. It is much lighter and the craftsmanship is superb. I would recommend this wok to all my friends.

    • Regine Norman

      Thank you John for your feedback!

  5. Ed (verified owner)

    I bought the AG2T wok after my carbon steel wok warped after a month of use on a ceramic-topped stove. The AG2T is quite substantial and I hope it’ll be more resistant to warping and last years. Right out of the box, I was surprised how smooth this wok is. Nothing like run-of-the-mill cast iron skillets. This thing has a slick surface. Since it’s cast iron, I seasoned twice, without its handle, in the oven with flaxseed oil, which is the preferred method with cast iron skillets. Then I did a third seasoning on the stove by stir frying green onions. I used these methods instead of the AG2T video’s pork fat method, only because the video didn’t convince me that the wok was actually seasoned (you can see the meat sticking to the wok in the video). My first dish was stir fried chicken and I was very happy how non-stick the AG2T wok was after just these initial seasonings. The handle was a breeze to put on and the overall workmanship is well done. Loving my new AG2T so far. Highly recommend.

    • Regine Norman

      Hi Ed,
      Thank you so much for your order and feedback. Your experience of seasoning the wok in oven is very helpful for other customers.
      Best regards

  6. mcconnelly5 (verified owner)

    This is the best Cast Iron Wok I have ever had and my first dish turned out so very good! All of the ingredients cooked awesome, thanks to your teaching videos, and my next purchase will be all of the cooking Utensils. I bought the spatula one because I needed at least one tool and I will look forward to getting a second one when I buy the whole set. I tell you true that these are well worth the investment as well as the fantastic seeds! Planting a fall crop of Asian veggies right now and I look forward to saving money as well as getting the freshest Asian produce fresh from my garden. Thank you so much for teaching me how the different veggies grow as well as how to cook them. My sons and daughter came to investigate the wonderful small and loved the dish!

    • Regine Norman

      Thank you so much for supporting us and great feedback!

  7. Dr. Michael Lyon, MD (verified owner)

    I am a physician who teaches healthy cooking to hundreds of people. I bought one these Woks for an induction cooktop and I am so very impressed by the quality and performance! I also love how easy it is to clean and how good it looks after many uses. I bought a second one for our gas stove at home and it is also an amazing WOK! I will now recommend this Wok to everyone and I will let them know about this excellent website, I love the videos and gardening tips. Thanks for all your hard work in creating this great resource for all to enjoy!

    • Regine Norman

      Thank you very much for supporting our small business and letting us know you experience with our wok. We are so glad you like this wok and willing to recommend to others. We work our best to provide the best products we could.

  8. Brad (verified owner)

    Great wok! And I shopped A LOT… I am not disappointed. The wok is just a bit heavy for tossing product but, that said, it stays in place on the cook top which is a good thing. It’s not a 100% perfectly flat bottom but 98% which is important for glass cooking surface. Gives good heat transfer. Well made cast iron and a sturdy handle, and once seasoned it is really a non-stick surface, but without any chemical coating. Work the food with as much force as you want and no worries. This wok is a bit more money than most but worth the few extra dollars since you’ll likely be using, and enjoying it for a long time. Thanks for offering a worth while product. Good job. Also I did buy the cooking utensils and they’re nice quality too. Very happy customer.

    • Regine Norman

      Thank you very much for your feedback. We have to add a bit extra weight on the induction/electric version to achieve extra wide and thick bottom.

  9. dmillsaps98 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my wife who is Japanese! This gets used daily in our house and we couldn’t be happier with it. Bought an additional set for our summer home today! Quality piece of cookware.

  10. normie_sobell (verified owner)

    Thank you for these wonderful wok. I was looking for a good quality wok to use for my induction/electric stove and your wok did not disappoint. Heavy duty and great quality, very classy. Better than other wok that are more expensiver.

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